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Service & maintenance

Supplying high-quality products, ANDRITZ SEPARATION and ANDRITZ Feed Technologies strive to support customers in extending the efficiency and value of their solid/liquid separation equipment by offering maintenance and repair options over the entire plant lifetime. For drying plants, ANDRITZ SEPARATION offers service and maintenance as well as performance appraisals and upgrades to improve operation conditions and, thus achieve maximum efficiency for customer plants.


ANDRITZ SEPARATION service meets customers’ requirements


  • Installation, commissioning & seminarsAssistance in assembly and installation as well as commissioning, process optimization, and operator training is provided by our service engineers. Upon request we offer tailored seminars for operating and maintenance personnel.

  • Maintenance & spare partsFlexible maintenance and spares are available around the clock via local service organizations and online connection.

  • Repairs & optimizationsOptimized machine performance, repair work, retrofitting and modernization projects

  • Used and refurbished equipmentpurchase and sale of used machines


Service business is local business


ANDRITZ SEPARATION and ANDRITZ Feed Technologies are continually developing and upgrading the capacities of our service and repair capabilities, thus strengthening the worldwide base of service companies.

Filter presses


  • Revamping of cloth washing plants


  • Optimization of plates and filter cloths


  • Economical repairs even after decades of operation


  • Modernization of controls


  • Optimization of sludge conditioning



  • Improvement of wear protection


  • Modernization of controls


  • Rebuild to back-drive systems


  • Performance enhancement with patented technologies


  • Scroll replacement programs



  • Service contracts for regular maintenance and plant analyses


  • Consultancy services for optimizing plant operation


  • Plant upgrade to improve performance and safety


  • Performance appraisals of drying plant operations


  • Audits of dryer plant operation and safety

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